How To Post An Auction

You must be registered to create an auction. You can register here.

From home page, Go to "Post New Auction" at top of page. On Mobile Devices, go to "User Menu" and click "Post New Auction"

There are 3 Easy Steps to creating an auction. Writing the auction, adding photos and review and publish."

A) Write Auction:

1- Item Title: Enter the consignment name here.

2 - Item Location: Select the State from the dropdown menu.

3 - Category: Choose what category your auction will be.

4 - Start Price: Enter starting price for you auction. Start with a lower price than your Reserve Price to encourage bidding.

5 - Reserve Price: The Reserve Price is the minimum price you will accept. The Reserve Price is hidden from bidders.

6 - Buy Now Price: You can enter a "Buy Now" price for your auction if you want. This will allow buyers to purchase without bidding. If you just want to sell your item and not run an auction, click the "Only buy now auction box.

7 - Allow Offers: This allows buyers to contact sellers directly to make an offer.

8 - Item Shipping: We suggest you select "This item does not require shipping" and describe your transportation policy in the item description.

9 - Auto Renew: Check the box if you would like to renew your auction automatically if your item doesn't sell.  Auto Renew Interval: Choose the number times you would like to auto renew if not sold and the number of days you would like your auction to run

10 - Auction Ending On: Click on the empty box ( tap on mobile) a Calendar will appear where you can choose the date you want the auction to end on. We suggest leaving the time at 00.00

11 - Private Bids: "Yes" hides the user id of all bidders. This means that anyone who views your auction will not see any of the bidders who bid on your auction. 

12 - Address: You can enter your full address, including zip code or just your state and zip code.

13 - Description: Enter a detailed description on what your selling.

14 - Feature Auction?: Features your auction with a special banner. Featured auctions show prominently throughout the site. At this time there is no charge for featured auctions.

15 - Tags:  A Tag is a keyword which describes all or part of your post. Tags are one, two or three words and help when someone is searching for a particular item.

B) Add Photos: 

After you have written and click "Next Step" you'll be taken to a page where you can upload the images you want to use for your auction. After choosing your images click "Next Step". **Note** At this time there is not an option for adding a Video. However you can put a link to a Youtube video in the auction description.

C) Review & Publish 

This is the final step. Just click "Finalize And Publish" You'll receive an email letting you know your auction has been posted, but not yet approved. It takes anywhere for 4 - 12 hours (sometimes sooner) before your auction goes live. You will receive an email letting you know when it's live.

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